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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. How do I install dreads?
A. There are many great videos available on Youtube! Here is one for each type: Single, Double, and Extenders










Q. What's the difference between double and single ended dreads?
A. It's a matter of personal preference as to which is easier for you to install. Generally, SE is considered to lay more naturally and allow for more even distribution. DE is faster to install and can help achieve more volume in a short amount of time, as well as being easier for self installs. SE have a loop at the end which you will need a latchook, or beading loop to pull your own hair through.

Q. What are extenders?
A. Permanent extenders are used to add length to natural dreadlocks. They are great for adding an ombre/transitional color, or adding length while your dreads are growing out. They have loose hairs at the root to be permanently crocheted into your real dreads, and CANNOT be dyed or bleached with your real hair.


Q. How do I wash them?
A. When you have them in, wash as you normally would with residue free shampoo, it's easier if you water it down a bit and apply directly to the scalp. You may also want to wear a cap to prevent dreads from fully saturating, there are helpful videos on how to do this on youtube! When taken out for storage, you may dunk smooth dreads in water with a bit of baking soda dissolved if desired, or there are special 'dread bombs' available from DreadsUK which can clean more deeply if a lot of sweat or soiling occurred. For crocheted or natural texture dreads, at any time you may dunk briefly in boiling water to cut down frizz and smooth back out, either way hang dreads vertically to dry, preferably in sunlight!








Q. How long will it take to get them?
A. Please refer to the shipping policy section! Lead times depend on how many people are waiting in line, rush orders may be available but you need to check first if your dreads are needed by a specific date!

Q. How will (insert listing here) look when installed?
A. Head to our Instagram @dreadnaughtyhair or we have a facebook pic folder full of great customer pics to inspire you.

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